Glenbern Golden Retri​evers

About me

I have owned both Golden Retrievers & Bernese Mountain Dogs since 1992.

I fell in love with both breeds and at one time bred both, I am no longer breeding Berners. 'Rumcay's Master Jacob' was my first Bernese Mountain Dog and 'Jimannie's Sampson' was my first British/English Golden Retriever.

rumcay's master jacob

jimannie's sampson

I have loved dogs since as far back as I can remember. We always had a dog in the family while growing up, and at age sixteen, I decided I wanted to be a dog groomer. I have always been involved with dogs; from dog sitting, to eventually owning my own dog grooming business, to showing and breeding. It truly is a love and passion of mine and to this day, I cannot get enough.
I did not enter the decision to breed without much consideration. I relocated to the lovely rural setting of Perth, Ontario, to provide more space for my ever growing family of dogs.
My dogs are family members first, breeding and show dogs second. I am committed to health as my first consideration when it comes to breeding my dogs.

I try to keep current on the latest techniques and information. Some of the seminars I have attended are:

Nutrition & Thyroid Health (Dr. Jean Dodds)
Transformational Puppy Rearing & Evaluation (Dr.Gayle Watkins)
Canine Reproduction (Dr. Robert Hutchison)
Canine Infectious Diseases (Dr. Emmanuel Fontaine)
Holistic Medicine for Pets (Dr. Anne McEwen)
The ABC’s of Dog Breeding – Genetics, Pedigrees, Structure (Dr. Claudia Waller Orlandi)
Beyond Obedience – Dog & Territory Aggression, Fear Aggression, Issue Identification & Solutions (Tracy Franken)

I am fortunate to have so many knowledgeable people around me. With their invaluable information and support, I was able to step into this venture with a great deal of confidence.

I would like to thank:
Debra Cochrane - Jimannie Kennels
Carole Brechbill - Shaynedoro Goldens
Karin Klouman & Wally Barr - Kyon Kennels
Eve (Kiki) Menegoz  - Sennenhof Bernese
Tim & Kathy Kennedy - Orloff Bernese